Welcome To
Taromaru Cattery

Taromaru Cattery is a home to the three loving cat breeds,  We are raising and nurturing our cats, full of love and care them to the highest standard as we could possibly do. Because we understand that their well maintained hapiness, could shape a cat into a good character and temperament creature, also keep their health on a great level.
Taromaru Cattery is also registered as an active member of several international cat organizations, including ICC-WCF and CFA, and we are on progress to becoming a member of ICA FiFe and TICA at the moment. All is done, to gain access to wider and deeper knowledge, about the ethical breeding process so we could bring happiness and joy into this world thru our kitten, with the most ethical way as possible.
We love our cats, and we hope their new home will be able to love them wholeheartedly, so we will only release a good quality kitten to our potential adopters. Because having a good, friendly, and healthy cat is everyone’s dream.

Here in Taromaru Cattery, we are only providing a good quality kittens and with a limited amount  of litter per year. We are currently now focusing on Maine Coon, British Shorthair and Ragdoll. And raise them with full of loving care on a daily basis.

Parent Stock

Our Kings and Dames of Maine Coon, British Shorthair and Ragdoll.


You will get a quality kitten that is provided with a pedigree certificate.